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Prayer for law enforcement

Oh, Lord, I pray for our law enforcement. I pray for the safety of our officers and elected officials. I pray for the emotional and mental stamina to endure and the spiritual awareness to do what's right in every situation, to trust you and to trust righteousness. I ask for the safety of their homes and families. I pray against any more loss of life from any side. Give our officers and leaders compassion, mercy, courage, goodness, and a godly sense of justice. Convict those who have sinned and change their hearts toward their fellow-man. Affirm those who have served faithfully and give them favor with everyone. I pray for healing of their hearts and their spirits, for the emotional damage that's been done. May this time of unrest bring awareness rather than hostility, a desire for fairness rather than revenge . Lord, end the violence in this country by changing hearts. Help us to see you, honor you, and uplift you in every situation and through e