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Praying forgiveness on believers who who cause trouble in the church

Lord Jesus, I'm asking your forgiveness and grace on some fellow-believers. They're mean and nasty, and they don't love the body Christ. They're always stirring up trouble, berating believers, gossiping about fellow- Christians, and spewing venom against the church and what it doesn't do for them. They are incredibly selfish, immature, and divisive. I know you'll judge these people. You hate this kind of behavior, more than you hate anything. I know they will feel the effects of their attitudes in their own families. Perhaps their children will reject You and the church because of their example. Perhaps they will lose friends and lose community. I don't wish these natural consequences on them, although I know the course of rebellion can't be stopped apart from repentance and your incredible grace. Give me the grace to forgive them, (even when their hate isn't directly against me)-- help me to not hold grudges and made assump