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A prayer when your kids leave for school

,   Dear Lord, You know I've got a big couple of weeks coming up.  My children are leaving the nest in a variety of ways.  Whether first time, second time, or last time--it doesn't really matter. There is a stabbing pain when my kids move away. Release, pride, gratefulness, worry, and then loss,  which tries very hard to morph into panic and desperation. (Smothering and helicopter-ing seem like options, even though I condemn it but secretly want to do it.) My emotions are going crazy, so I know that my feelings and thoughts cannot be fully trusted. I must lean into you only. Worry makes me assume the worst. Loss makes me feel rejected. Panic pushes my loved ones away. (Read a blog about losing your kids to college  here .) Control my thoughts, Lord. Speak truth to me, and help me hear you. Help me to focus on your love and grace to me, not my feelings of loss or worry. You've got this. You've got me. You always protect, always draw near, always speak to those who seek y

A prayer for students

Dear Rabbi-Teacher, You understand the intricacies of the mind--of learning and believing and feeling deeply. You have given us the ability to investigate, acknowledge, believe, and reject you. You are comfortable with leaving the decision to us. You are great and powerful, and I cannot take You in. But You are still the Rabbi, the teacher of students who just don't "get it." Lord, I pray for increased understanding and acceptance for who You are and what You want for my life. I ask for you protection over the hearts and minds of students everywhere. I pray for them to recognize truth through the power of the Holy Spirit and receive the Truth, Jesus Christ. I ask for boldness and discernment and wisdom and compassion. Make our students fierce defenders yet humble messengers of Your truth. May their actions bring glory to You, instead of bring shame on the followers of Christ. Give teachers a passion for integrity and an understanding of truth. Help us, who can sha