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Prayer about grace, for grace

Oh, Lord God, You are full of grace for me. Help me to full of grace for other people-- not so quick to judge and condemn. Not find it so easy to think ill of someone's motives and criticize why they do the things they do or compare myself and be jealous of them. You give me grace, and yet I am ungracious. I want to think of myself with "sober judgment," in humility, honesty, and transparency. I am flawed. I am sinful and selfish, and yet you call me beautiful, holy, and desired. That's because of your grace. I don't deserve your love and mercy. Give me the eyes to see everyone the way you see them. I want to see potential, value, worth. I want to see someone full of promise, who maybe just needs a chance. Someone full of gifting, who needs an encourager, not a competitor. Maybe they need someone to listen, someone to love, someone to affirm their value. Someone who will point out what they're doing well instead of what they&#