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Specific things to pray over your children

Dear God, who is the perfect Father, I pray your presence over my children today. Please send your Spirit to guide, direct, encourage, prompt, and convict them, so they will lean into the Spirit's voice and follow it, even if they aren't aware that it's really You. Give wisdom and courage to the one who's interviewing for a job. Give resolve and determination to the one who's in school. Give patience and vision to the one who's planning out his life. Encourage integrity and purity in the one who's dating. Comfort the one who's discouraged and dismayed. Spark imagination in the one who's feeling uncreative and unproductive. Bring healing to the one who's heartbroken. Reveal mission to the one who's longing to serve. Stir compassion in the one who's inattentive to suffering, generosity to the selfish, stability to the insecure, joy to the saddened. And above all, lavish Your love on them, as You always do. But help