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A prayer for anyone disillusioned with the Church

Oh, Lord, the Lover of the Church, I am part of the Bride of Christ, the Church. And we are seriously messed up right now. We are scared. We are searching. We are scattered. We are scarred. We are angry at  one another and divided from one another within the body of Christ. We are fighting disillusionment about the church, about other Christians, about our world. Lord, re-ignite my soul. I want to cling to you instead of hoping for people to change or the church to get back to "normal" or the world to get better or life to get easier. Surround me with your love and comfort because it's tempting to walk away from this big mess. It's becoming all too easy to disengage  from everything we find  uncomfortable and disconcerting. Lord, keep me from giving up on your church because of disunity . It's tempting to replace church with friend groups, TV church, and partisan network television. We read books instead of the Bible. We watch podcasts instead of meeting f