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Praying for a friend

Lord Jesus, You are full of power and strength. You have already defeated the devil on the cross. Show your power in my friend 's life. Cover _________ with the protection of the Holy Spirit. Speak truth to ________ and work in his/her spirit to hear your words. Convict, encourage, uplift. Bring __________ back into full relationship with you. I confess __________'s sin on his/her behalf. Help me to be an encourager and a voice of truth, with compassion. May I never shrink from what the Holy Spirit is telling me to do or say. Keep me from pride, self-righteousness, or condemnation because that is not how you act towards any of us. You forgive . You love. You wait. You woo. You rescue. I pray your power and love over my friend. I believe in your restorative power, in regeneration and resurrection . You make all things new, even the things we mess up. Thank you for my friend, and thank you for putting me in ________ life to represent you. I am gra