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Forgive me for not trusting You

Dear Lord, Please forgive me. I'm having control issues. (You already know this.) They come from trust issues. (You know that, too.) I believe that I trust you. But then I find myself stressing and worrying and wondering how you're going to make everything work, as if that's in question. You know how I secretly pray for trust-- I pray for trust, and I wait to praise you after you make everything all right. That's not faith. It's not trust. Oh, Lord, I need your strength. I am too weak, too self-absorbed, too afraid. I want to trust you completely. I confess my faithlessness to you. You are the answer. I know that. You know my past, present, and future. You aren't upset with me, disappointed with me, or frustrated with me. You're not worried about what I will do or not do, what I believe or don't believe. You know that I am dust , and yet I'm also a masterpiece , according to you. I don't understand

Holy Spirit, Give Me

Holy Spirit, Give me the faith to pray big prayers. I want to experience you working miracles, healing my emotions, transforming my mind, softening my heart, directing my destiny. Give me courage to fight for others instead of against others. I want to see you reconciling races, restoring relationships, reuniting families, bringing closure, healing wounds, saving souls. Give me the confidence to believe your timing is perfect. I want peace while believing in a future, accepting disappointment, striving for faith, enduring hardship, conquering temptation. Give me You. Amen.