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A daily prayer for your children

Dear Heavenly Father, I give you my children into your hands to protect, guide, convict, and grow. I pray over my children the words you gave the Israelites when you instructed them to impress your commands on their children's hearts. I need your help to do this well. Help me to impress on my children: to love you with all their heart, soul, and mind to carefully obey all your commands to think about you and understand you during their daily tasks and their journey through life to memorize your holy Word, so it will grow in their hearts and produce godly attitudes to fear (respect) you; to be in awe of your majesty to keep their hearts from idolizing people and things to take your authority seriously--not to test you or ridicule you or disregard you to do right and good, whether they are alone or with others to recognize your hand of blessing throughout their lives and to remember your interactions on their behalf to discern your voice and your expectations

Praying for Angels to Surround my Kids

Lord of Heaven, You have angels at your disposal, worshipping You, defending Your holiness, protecting us, Your children. You are great and mighty in power and full of love and mercy. I ask You to send more angels to surround my kids today. Minister to them-- encourage them, guard them, defend them against the onslaught of the evil one. Wage war over them because You created them to be filled with power and authority in Jesus' name. You intend for them to silence evil, withstand persecution, and glorify You. May my kids honor and please You today with their thoughts, actions, and motivations. May they be pure in heart and mind. May they function as You intended, surrounded by heavenly hosts with swords drawn and voices like thunder. In the power of the Holy Spirit, my kids will slay spiritual giants and conquer enemy territory. I believe it in the name of Jesus, the King of all Kings. Thank You for Your angels. I call on them in Jesus' holy name