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How to pray the right words

If you worry about what to pray or how to pray, try this prayer. It is filled with actual verses from the Bible about WORDS. Yes, God has so much to say about words themselves. In fact, Jesus calls himself "the Word." So don't worry about if you're praying the right way. Just speak Jesus' words back to him, and let him speak his words into you. Everything will change! What you believe. What you think. What you say. What you do. Everything! Oh, Lord God, the Word of Life-- I praise you for your words, for our holy Scriptures , and especially for the red letter words in the Bible.  Thank you for speaking to me, day after day, minute by minute, whether I'm listening or not. You're always there, speaking in a whisper , speaking life . Praise : Your words are sweet to me; they give nourishment and joy. I can always trust them ( Psalm 119:103 ). Your words are flawless--they are like gold refined by fire. I cannot improve on them ( Psalm12:6 ). Before time be