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Prayer for a busy day

Dear Lord, I want to spend time with you today, but I feel so rushed. I have so much to do. I know you understand. No, wait. Help me prioritize. You first. Then what ministry would you have me do? What people can I touch? And help me not to obsess about my to-do list that's sitting there on the table screaming at me. Things are less important than people. My world is less important than your plans for me. This life is less important than the life to follow. I know that. And yet-- it all feels so terribly important. Use me. Change me. Give me your eyes to see the life you want for me and the courage to live it. Amen.

Help me prioritize

Lord, Help me prioritize. My work is piling up. I have so many projects, pressures, and demands. At work and home, the list is endless. I've missed some family time. I haven't exercised. My devotional life is poor. Friends are waiting for lunches. I'm like Martha-- worried and upset about many things. Few things are needed-- or indeed only one. Help me see You in order to choose You. Instead of asking You to point me toward the priority that I should do first, I want to make You the priority. Help me to chose what cannot be taken away. First You. Only You. I choose You. In Jesus' beautiful name, Amen. Luke 10:40-42