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Praying for school safety

Lord, God, We grieve at the latest school violence! How horrible and offensive to you and to our children that two school shooters harmed and killed high school students this week , so soon after they returned to school! Protect our children , God! Oh, Lord, change our culture! Change our hearts as a people! Comfort our children  who are traumatized. Rescue those kids who feel that violence is the answer to their fear and pain. Lord, change our country : our government, public health, and school systems so that we can correct the environment and affects of violence and despair. Forgive us for our prejudices, our hatred, our insecurity, all of which come from a wrong view of you and a wrong view of God.  I confess the violence of our youth and our citizens. Lord, reign your mercy down. Hold back your vengeance and share your healing. May we accept and live out your salvation . In Jesus' name,  Amen. "Bring to an end the  violence  of the wicked and make the righteous secure—