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A prayer over the graduate

Dear Father, Thank you for the privilege of raising this child who is now an adult, graduating onto new and bigger things. I ask your blessing and protection over my graduate . I ask for your Spirit to hover over him and around him, to speak truth into his mind and courage into heart. Please give him divine appointments with professors, employers, roommates, friends, and a future spouse. Help him to meet the right people at the right time with a heart that's right and ready to obey your will. Give him a life of impact and purpose. Happiness and joy. Lord, help him to see the positive and fight the negative and to be an accurate reflection of your love and grace to everyone he meets. He will make mistakes. He will fail. He will grieve and have heartache. But I pray for him to cling to you-- to always lean on you and look to you for guidance, comfort, and direction. Remind him to be courageous and try again. To get back up. To confess, forgive, beli

Intercession for Costa Rica

Lord God of the Universe, Thank you for loving us and dying for us. Thank you for using us to spread the gospel throughout the whole world. I pray right now for the missionaries in Costa Rica and the dear people they minister to. I pray for the girls and boys in the Child of Hope Schools, for them to come to believe and trust in Jesus. I pray for the after-school programs for the Chicas and Chicos, for these kids to find spiritual mentors and friends. I pray they would see a difference in their Christian leaders and learn to hope for a better, brighter future. I pray for you to protect these children from abuse, from drug and alcohol addiction. I pray they would finish school and find careers and most of all, answer your calling on their lives. I pray for the women we met there, that you would fill them with hope and courage. Provide for their physical and emotional needs. Protect them from abuse--may they be bold enough to stop it. Encourage them in their spiri