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Pray Psalm 1 over Your Husband

Dear Lord, the Husband of my soul, You have blessed me with a husband here on earth. I ask you to pour out your blessing on him because you are good, not because he or I deserve your blessing. Guide his feet down the path of righteousness, Guard his ears from acknowledging worldly advice or accepting godless counsel. Keep him from forming friendships with people who mock truth and stymie mission. Give him joy in your presence. May he delight in you and in your truth! Help him to crave your Word, to read and reflect on the truth you reveal to him. Give him the wisdom to hear your voice and the courage to obey your commands. Nourish his soul so he grows like a tree with deep roots of solid faith and branches heavy with spiritual fruit. In your power, help him impact souls and change lives. Help him to stay strong in you--not to grow weary or discouraged, not to break under the stress of this world. Give him prosperity in the kingdom of God and help him remember t

Peeling me like a birch tree

Dear Lord Creator, Life is hard. Are you growing me? I want to grow strong and straight and sure,  but I feel safer when I'm not growing, not changing,  not venturing out into new territories.  Somehow, you know what's best for me.  You gently peel away my tough exterior, like white bark from a birch tree that hovers over the water's edge. You unmask my pretense, my pride, my accomplishments-- You tear away what I wear to hide my shortcomings that actually keeps me from maturity, beauty, and destiny.  You know that I will not grow unless you pull away my bark and uncover the tender trunk underneath.  Then you can broaden my perspective--  expand my territory--  raise my branches heavenward to provide shade and protection for others. You give me the chance to grow  a little straighter, a little taller, a little more beautiful. But if I resist the peeling, I will not grow at all. Psalm 1:1-3 "Blessed is the one . . . whose delight is in the law