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A Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, Pour Yourself out on me. I don't know why I don't talk to You more often, because I am in such desperate need of Your power and direction. Thank You for Your presence. It is powerful and overwhelming and electric. It weighs on me and yet drives me to say things I'm afraid to say and do things I'm afraid to do. That's all You. Don't leave me. Not for a second, because I can't survive without You. Convict, Impress, Direct, Ignite, Discipline, Probe, Encourage, Inspire, Lead, Overwhelm-- Anything. Just don't leave me. I am Yours, and You are unbelievably responsive to my call. I love You. Amen. "Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me." (Psalm 51:11) image by Ken E