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Lament and confession over gun violence

Oh. Lord, There's been another mass shooting. I can't imagine how your heart hurts to see your creation turn on itself. End the violence in our country. I intercede, Lord, for the victims and the victimizers that live in this country and call themselves Americans. I am sick of the violence, shamed by it, grieved by it, astonished by the normalization of mass shootings. We have blood on our hands. We may not have personally committed these atrocities, but many times we have shaken our heads, cast judgment, and gone about our day anyway. Lord, show each of us how we can help change this problem. Massage our hearts toward compassion, justice, and care. Give us discernment about the gun-violence problem, the sin-problem, and the mental-health problem that must be addressed and corrected. We are a country--and a world--filled with desperate people  who cannot find a way to solve their own heart and mind issues except to lash out against one another. We gossip, we malign, we injure,

"Heal Our Land" by Kari Jobe: a prayer for all of us

Oh, Lord, Heal our land. I don't pray this lightly. It will require great sacrifice, especially from us who have never really sacrificed to protect the rights of others. Lord, convict us of our selfishness. May we value peace through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. May we cherish one another and love one another. I pray for your healing to be powerful and evident to all to bring you glory, and not to any other individual. I bow my head and heart in worship and repentance . Give me grace. Change me from the inside out. Do the painful work in me and in all those who love you-- bring about the restoration and transformation we need so desperately! In Jesus' name, Amen. Below is a prayer of confession, request, and intercession through the song "Heal Our Land" by Kari Jobe. You can sing it and pray it at the same time!

A prayer against shame

Dear Holy God, You feel the ache I'm feeling. You know the weight and sorrow of sin, even another person's sin, especially when it affects me. Shame rolls in like a tidal wave, wave after wave, hitting the shores of my soul. I want to cower and cover up my sins and the sins of the people I love. I chafe under conviction (the very thing that seeks to release me)-- while I protect my shame (the very thing that keeps me in bondage). Oh, Father, give me the courage to welcome conviction for my sin and the tenacity to fight the shame. Your Spirit convicts, but Your enemy shames, because he knows that shame will make me hide in the shadows, hide from the body of Christ, and hide from You. Lord, make us freedom-seekers! Give us the desire to live freely in Your convicting presence, in the holy of holies, where our souls are laid bare before You. Help us confess our faults to one another and pray for one another so that we will be healed! There is no

A prayer for beggars

I saw a woman standing on the median yesterday while I waited in my car for the light to turn green. I read her cardboard sign, which asked for money and promised not to spend it on alcohol or drugs. She had a crutch, and I noticed that she limped as she paced. I admit, I watched her carefully to see if the limp was legit. I wondered what it would be like to need handouts to survive and why someone would stand all day on a median instead of finding a job. Was she homeless? Jobless? Or was begging her job, and her Honda was parked in the Burger King parking lot across the street? I was judgey and sympathetic at the same time, and I hated myself for it. I noticed she didn't look at any of us drivers; she just stared straight ahead, holding her sign steady. I thought she must get tired of drivers not wanting to meet her gaze, themselves staring straight ahead over their steering wheels, uncomfortable and conflicted about her presence. I looked ahead, too, praying a

How to confess your sin

Feeling bad about something you've done? That's a good start. It's not enough to gain forgiveness, make it right, or change the behavior, but it's a good starting point. This little explanation below might help you to understand how to confess a sin and get victory over it (in other words, stop doing it again and again!). The whole thing begins when you do something bad (i.e. selfish, unkind, harmful, cruel, debilitating, disrespectful, addictive, etc.). God's standard is holiness, so pretty much that dumps most of our behavior in the unholy category. Event most of the nice things we do, we do with ulterior motive--being nice to others helps our lives function better. But after we do something wrong, the need for confession begins-- 1. You feel guilty. The question to ask yourself is--how does this behavior line up with God's standard? Then you know if the guilt is from God or you mother. (Sometimes they agree on the standard.) If God says it's wron