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Praying for a friend

Lord Jesus, You are full of power and strength. You have already defeated the devil on the cross. Show your power in my friend 's life. Cover _________ with the protection of the Holy Spirit. Speak truth to ________ and work in his/her spirit to hear your words. Convict, encourage, uplift. Bring __________ back into full relationship with you. I confess __________'s sin on his/her behalf. Help me to be an encourager and a voice of truth, with compassion. May I never shrink from what the Holy Spirit is telling me to do or say. Keep me from pride, self-righteousness, or condemnation because that is not how you act towards any of us. You forgive . You love. You wait. You woo. You rescue. I pray your power and love over my friend. I believe in your restorative power, in regeneration and resurrection . You make all things new, even the things we mess up. Thank you for my friend, and thank you for putting me in ________ life to represent you. I am gra

Praying for protection and healing

Dear Heavenly Father, Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals -- Please protect and heal my loved one today. You created him, You love him, You have a purpose for him. It is Your nature to heal, restore, and renew. Please grant healing and restoration to him today so he can continue the calling You've given him. I trust You, and I trust Your will. I give You control (because You already have it), and I will show that by giving You myself and my worries. Rapha, Healer, You make all things new and beautiful. Heal my tired spirit and my anxious heart. Make me like You, full of hope and joy. Forgive me for the many times that I doubt because I don't see healing happening like I want it to. Healing is Your call. Your gift. Your perfect will. I love You. Amen.