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Lord, you will not disappoint

When you experience trauma and grief, you feel hopeless. The future is frightening. But God's promises are powerful.  Pray this prayer, based on Isaiah's prophecies in Isaiah 49 :  God of heaven, You declare great things over me-- help me to believe them! You say, "You have formed me and designed me for your purpose. No matter what I've done,  no thing is too hard for you to redeem ." You say, "You who are overlooked and hated, some day, you will be noticed and accepted. The Lord is faithful ." You say, "In good times, I will pour out my blessing on you; I will covenant to you to set you free from darkness. You will find sustenance on every hill. You will not hunger or thirst. I will make roads for you where there are none. My compassion will lead you." Shout for joy! The Lord remembers his people; he will comfort me in distress. It's not possible for a mother to forget her nursing baby; it is not possible for you to forget me. You have eng