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Thankful for America

Dear Lord God, I am blessed to live in America, a free country, even though I chafe under the ambition and corruption so often present in public officials. I am proud of our soldiers and civil servants, even though I read stories of their brutality and injustice in the news. I appreciate the protection I have to believe, write, live, and worship, even though I recognize our country's moral decline. We are a sinful people and a sinful nation, and yet you choose to love us and use us. You have blessed us with opportunity and responsibility, and so much good has been accomplished in the world through our nation. Because of your love and mercy. Thank you for the men and women who have served our country, faced danger, missed loved ones, endured trauma, fought to recover, and came home. Thank you for the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives so we could enjoy freedom. Bless their families and cover them with your loving care. Thank you for tr