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3 Prayers for your child's teacher

Teaching is a difficult, exciting, and taxing profession. It requires both emotive and logical perspectives, tenacity and patience. Firmness and empathy. Long days and long nights of uncompensated self-sacrifice. Teachers need your prayers and support to do their jobs well. Here are some ideas:  Dear Lord, Give my child's teacher encouragement today. Help her/him connect with all the students, model unconditional love, realize the importance of teaching and molding lives. Remind him/her to take the long look, past homework and tests, past student squabbles, into the future where these children-- including mine-- become responsible, thoughtful, caring adults. Help him/her be proud of that accomplishment. Amen. Dear Lord,  Give my child's teacher discernment and wisdom in handling crises in the classroom. Give him/her boldness to champion the outcast and mercy in punishing the foolish. Help him/her eliminate injustice and teach kindness. I pray for a gen

Prayer for the first day of school

Dear Father, Wrap your arms around my children on their first day of school. Turn anxiety into excitement. Turn fear into courage. Turn embarrassment into eagerness. Turn shyness into hospitality. (Read "How to Help Your Children Walk Away" here .) Continue to transform them into the image of Jesus, who loves everyone, accepts everyone, and stands for truth. (Read "A Prayer for your College Student" here .) I pray for the Holy Spirit to speak unimpeded into their hearts and souls, to convict, question, confirm, and encourage. Teach them truth, even midst untruth. Show them inclusion, even midst exclusion. Help them distinguish acceptance from tolerance and innocence from ignorance. (Read "4 Values Moms Need This School Year" here .) Mold them into your image-- a person of grace, truth, and love. (Read "Specific Things to Pray over your Children" here .) Protect their hearts and minds from the enemy of their souls, wh