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Praise about new things

Dear Lord, Thank you for the beauty of the four seasons and for the privilege of living in a place that experiences all of them. Today is the first day of spring. Of course, it's raining. But that's okay. Rain is the evidence that you are working in the world, that you are changing, growing, and creating new things, even the predictable flowers like daffodils and crocuses and the less-predictable flowers like tulips (why don't mine come up more than once?). You bring deer into my yard to rest. You paint breath-taking sunsets across the horizon in the evening. The cherry and pear trees are bursting with white and pink, cheerful and radiant. The world smells of earth and grass and mulch. Clean, fresh, and vibrant. Why do you take the trouble with colorful details? Because you long to reveal yourself to us. Your blessings are new every morning. You love to remind us that you are constant and yet inventive. Your creation is not thwarted by our neglec

Thank You for spring

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord of Creation, How do You do it? Year after year, spring astounds me. Thank you for the beauty of the flowers, the budding trees, the singing of birds as they flitter through the branches, gathering twigs for their nests. Thank you for creating such incredible details and weaving the world together in a tapestry of majesty. Your love is boundless, and I am awed by You. Amen. image by  Bobby Mikul

Why my tulip magnolia reminds me of God

The tulip magnolia trees in front of my house are the first blooms I see every spring. When those pink blossoms burst from their fuzzy February buds, my heart begins to soar. Regardless of a last-season frost or sudden heat wave, they still emerge. As they unfold, I can almost hear God's voice whispering, "I'm back! I'm about to do something great here." Soft sprouting petals fade from dark to light pink. More signs of spring appear in my yard: the daffodils shake their perky yellow cups; flowering quince bursts in a mass of tiny coral petals; next, the cherry tree blooms fuchsia, then the flowering dogwoods, the tulips, and azaleas follow, all various shades of pinks, whites, and purples. I remember that God is faithful. (Maybe that's why He goes to all this trouble?) I meditate on my Creator and His creation. I smile with joy and hope. Every year, my yard follows the same pattern. Trees bloom faithfully in their prescribed order, always new and yet som