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A prayer of imprisonment and freedom

Oh, Jesus, Your humility surprises me. You understand loneliness and rejection. You were a refugee. You were misunderstood, misrepresented, hated, and tortured. You were wrongly accused in a court of law. You were a prisoner. You were executed without having a fair trial. You died. Oh, the depths that you undertook to feel the depths of human pain and human separation from your love and forgiveness. What kind of love makes God willingly become its creation-- especially a creation condemned and shamed, who will lose his human rights and experience human death? You were willing to die for everyone who has ever done an evil thing. You cover sins so numerous and so hideous, so inexcusable yet somehow, forgivable. A willing prisoner, a willing death, to free me from the prison of myself. Amen. "God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the  prisoners  with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land." (Psalm 68:6)

Thank you for the snow . . . and for heat

Lord God, Your creativity and artistry amaze me. Thank you for the beautiful snowfall. And more importantly, thank you for my home and my heat. You are too good to me. Amen.

Counting my blessings

Dear Lord, Thank you for all the beautiful, ordinary blessings that are not so ordinary. Thank you for my home (which has issues), my vehicles (even when they don't work), my food (even when I complain about cooking), my family (even though I take them for granted). I am so blessed. Thank you for my country (even though it angers me), my freedoms (even though I complain about not having more), my work (even though I want more and want to be more). You have blessed me beyond measure. My world is gorgeous, and I live in it. My home is loving, and I live in it. My dreams are attainable, and I live them. Why do I forget how blessed I am? To whom much is given, much is required . Everything I have is yours, and it's all extra. Lord, teach me to number my blessings, as well as my days. Amen.

Thank You for spring

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord of Creation, How do You do it? Year after year, spring astounds me. Thank you for the beauty of the flowers, the budding trees, the singing of birds as they flitter through the branches, gathering twigs for their nests. Thank you for creating such incredible details and weaving the world together in a tapestry of majesty. Your love is boundless, and I am awed by You. Amen. image by  Bobby Mikul

Thank You for my Marriage

Dear Lord Jesus, the Bridegroom of the Church, You understand everything about marriage, even though you were never married. (You created marriage, after all.) And you created me and my husband, so you fully anticipated the areas where we would clash and the areas we would jell. Thank you. Even when we disagree or become irritated, because of you, we grow stronger. We grow deeper in love and appreciation for each other and more awed by your love and grace. Thank you for my marriage--for all of it-- for the good days and the difficult days, for the joys and sorrows, for the realism of living my whole adult life with one person. I am the luckiest girl alive. You have blessed me so much! Thank you, thank you thank you! I love you, Amen.

Seeking Jesus in a Christmas Prayer

Lord Jesus, Emmanuel, Prince of Peace-- Let me not overlook you during the Christmas season or tag you on to my festivities, like a novelty or a dessert. You are Peace. You are Life. You are Lord. Help me, in my selfishness and weakness, to seek you. I want to seek you like Joseph, who gave up his dignity. I want to seek you like Mary, who gave up her security I want to seek you like the shepherds, who gave up their identity. I want to seek you like the wisemen, who gave up their wealth. I want to see you like Anna, who gave up her time. I want to seek you at Christmas and every day. Reveal yourself to me anew, and help me to see you for who you really are and see myself for what I really am. Lost. Desperate. Dependent. And so incredibly blessed. Thank you for your love and sacrifice. I live in joy because of Christmas. Amen.