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When you keep doing the same sin

Have you noticed that you struggle with the same bad habits, over and over? Maybe it's your temper, your insecurity, your selfishness, or your critical tongue . Deep down, you know they're not even habits. They're sins. This happens to me. I make this happen, by my own choices. Every time I try to pray, I feel this weight. At first, I can't tell why I feel this way or why my prayers seems to bounce right back. Then I realize I'm sinning again. I'm doing the same things I always do when my soul isn't full of righteousness. Of course, I want to confess it and stop doing it. But I feel ashamed that I'm about to pray the same prayer again, confess the same sin, and enter the same battle. I have a decision to make: I can humble myself and confess my sin, and start working to change, or I can give up. I can say "This is me. This is just the way I am." I can pretend that change isn't possible, even though I know it