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Confession, Lamentation, and Intercession over the value of human life

Dear Father Creator, How grieved you must be over the callous attitude your creation has toward life! I know you're not surprised because this has been reality since the beginning of time-- since Cain murdered his brother. And parents have murdered children, children have murdered parents, people have waged war and claimed to do it in your name and for your honor. How we misrepresent you and your love for the whole world! For each individual person, no matter how helpless, how disfigured, how evil, and how innocent. They belong to you. We are only custodians of your creation. Of turtles, whales, eagles, leopards, water, earth, energy-- but especially of human life. How can culture get this so mixed up? I pray for your grace, patience, and conviction. I ask for your forgiveness on behalf of those who kill innocent lives and discount the lives of the elderly and handicapped. I pray for your Spirit to permeate our world and bring reason and value to ever