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My soul waits for you (impatiently)

O Lord, I am waiting for you. I am waiting for your voice, your direction, your blessing. Frankly, I am waiting for life to get easier. (As if that's what you're going to do or how you're going to speak to me.) How foolish! Lord, teach me to wait patiently. Waiting for you brings blessing to me. ( Isa. 30:18 ) I guess that's what you're doing because you're making me wait for everything: answers, direction, deliverance, comfort. That is your blessing.  You bless me with the wait. Grrr. So help me wait for you--for more of your spirit ( Acts 1:4 ), for more of your personality, for more of your holiness. That's what waiting will do: bring patience, hope, and faith. Waiting is doing something. Waiting is growing. Waiting is what nurtures hope and faith and love. What will be your answer when it comes? Redemption. You only know how to redeem time, redeem lives, redeem mistakes. You will redeem the wait. Maybe without waiting, I w