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Praying to be a peacemaker

Oh, Lord, the Prince of Peace, Instead of praying against stress -- instead of praying for a calm, peaceful life-- Lord, make me a peacemaker. I crave peace, but I don't often make peace. I find the problems, I criticize the results, I blame the victimizers. But I don't try to make peace , I don't wish blessings on those who oppose or hurt me. I don't cultivate kindness, grace, and generosity in unjust situations. I don't forgive enough. I accuse too often. I excuse my own sins. I cover up what's bad in my and expose what's bad in others. That's not peacemaking. Lord, I want to see you work in my life. I want to know you and become like you. So that means I MUST become a peacemaker. Lord, help me see people how you see them. Help me give up for the greater good. Help me to live for eternity, to sacrifice for the gospel, to protect the church, to love the world, to pray for my family . Help me to work for solutions  rather than fight over problems. I con