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When you feel lost...

  Lord Jesus, You've never been lost, have you? But maybe, in your human moments,  you felt adrift, hopeless, or lost. You're both a shepherd and a lamb. So maybe it's possible you  understand how I feel. I feel lost . I want your will in my life, but I feel incapable of understanding it. I want your calling on my life, but I feel unable to practice it. I want your blessing on my life, but I feel overlooked in receiving it. I want your power in my life, but I feel unable to access it. I just feel lost. Come after me. Search me out  because I want to be found . I'm yours, and I want to feel your presence. Come find me where I hide because I'm too weak to move towards you. But your love is reckless and boundless. You fight for me, look for me, and always find me. Lord Jesus, find me now! Wrap your Shepherd's arms around me and carry me home. Reassure me that you care, that I matter, and that you will always accomplish your will in my life,  if I let you. Drown