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When you're facing a new, scary challenge

Oh, Lord, I don't now what's going to happen next, but there are some scary options sitting in front of me, taunting my thoughts and terrifying my heart. I feel like I'm wilting on the inside: My spirit grows faint within me and my heart feels dismayed ( Psalm 143:4 ). I know that you are good and that you only do good to your people. I remember your faithfulness-- you do not bring judgment down on us like you should;  no one stands before you righteous ( Psalm 143:2 ). I trust you because you have always protected me. I remember all the times you have rescued me and comforted me. I reach out for you like a thirsty soul in the desert ( Psalm 143:5-6 ). Lord, come to me and satisfy my longing. Quench my fear. Renew my spirit. Do not hide your face from me. Every morning, remind me of your unfailing love ( Psalm 143:7-8 ). Show me the way I should go. I only trust you. Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. Holy Spirit, level the ground before me and lead me into