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Meeting God in the quiet place

Ahh! Here you are, God. Waiting for me in this quiet place. You've been calling to me all week, whenever I made time to watch the sunset or smelled the freshly-cut grass. When I took pictures of the cherry blossoms and admired the beauty of a lake shimmering blue and crystal under a bright sun, that's where you were. You were waiting in my moments of wakefulness and sleepiness, waiting as my first and last thoughts of every day. There your Spirit whispered prayers for me to the God of heaven. When I felt fatigue, you assured me that you would sustain me. When I felt fear, you whispered that you would protect me. When I felt worry, you promised you would make all things work together for good. All with your quiet, reassuring presence. You were waiting here, on a day I've singled out to meet you. Out here in the sun and the vastness of a quiet setting where I've made time to sit with you and hear what you have to say. And this is what you sa