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Lord, You did it again! (a praise for grace)

Dear Lord, You did it again! You answered prayers we didn't deserve to have answered. You gave grace in the midst of our frailties. You sprinkled favor on us like a gentle rain; Your radiance shined on us, like the sun breaking through after a storm. Thank you! Thank you for being Yourself, Your loving and generous self, who gives to the just and the unjust, the holy and unholy, just because You're holy. You gave us another gift today, just because You're You. We are eternally grateful. Help us to live worthy of Your grace here on earth (at least as much as possible). It's what You want from us-- relationship, obedience, glory to God. May You lengthen our memory of this day until the next time we wonder if You love us enough to hear our prayers. In Jesus' precious name, Amen. image by  MALIZ ONG