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A prayer for justice and vengeance

Oh, Lord God of love and vengeance,  You uphold the cause of the fatherless and widows. You put the orphans in families. You release those imprisoned by sin into freedom. You bring justice for the abused. You feed the hungry and clothe the naked. You sit with the lonely. You heal the sick. You remember the abandoned. You lift up the fallen. You embrace the unloved. You are all we need. Always and forever. You are everything we could ever long for,  hope for, or strive for. No, you are more than that. I praise you and believe in you  that you will serve justice and give hope to _________ as he/she fights against the evil forces that come against his/her life. I pray for God's Holy Spirit to pour out like fire from heaven  on ___________ and the needs sitting before him/her. Decimate the evil that pushes in and the enemy that sows doubt, fear, and worry. I pray against the Liar of all lies, against his forces of evil and against the people who allow the

Prayer for the immigrant and refugee

Dear Father of the fatherless, I pray your compassion and mercy over the world's immigrants and refugees . May I always welcome the lost and weary in Jesus' name. Give me courage to defend the fatherless, to assist the widow, to welcome the stranger, to offering healing to the sick, to rescue the oppressed. May we never see nationality, creed, or culture because You don't see them. You see people-- hungry, afraid, terrorized, hurting, displaced, marginalized, misunderstood, resourceless. These are problems created by humans against humans. And these problems interfere with seeing You. Convict me when that's all I see. Use me to show Jesus' love through what I do and what I say. Keep me from political agendas instead of prayerful purpose. If I truly want to be like You, this is how I will behave and what I will believe. "Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor."-- Ezekiel 22:7 "And what does the L