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A Poem for the Battle

Dear Yaweh Nissi, the Lord my Banner , Wave above me in the fray, This, your fight, is why You came; Holiness defends Your name. I await the victory day When all people will proclaim, The Lord reigns, He cannot flee. The Lord sustains, He won't forsake. The Lord forgives and peace He makes. The Lord gives hope, He won't despair. The Lord will triumph for my sake. Lord, go with me in the fray, You, Almighty, Elohim, Doom advances, hope grows dim; Faith alone will help me say, Victory comes through rest in Him. Holy Spirit, Father, Christ, who made the world, who paid the price, who give me strength, and calm my heart, who know my fears in hidden parts-- Lift my arms. Stretch my view! May I find all strength in You! Give me friends who hold me up I believe You fill my cup with blessings, impact, suffering-- I will fight for Jesus' sake. It's your battle, it's your war, It's your victory, and so much more. Throughout history an