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Praying Psalm 66 when life gets fiery

I'd like to share a prayer of praise formed from Psalm 66.   It seems pertinent in helping assuage our fear over the global implications during this COVID-19 pandemic. Praise our God, people of the world! Let the sound of our praise be heard by everyone. He has preserved our lives and kept us from going under forever. Yes, He is testing us-- God is refining us like silver in the fire, drawing our insecurities, fears, and faithlessness to the surface, not to kill us or harm us, but to perfect us-- to make us completely pure. He has brought us into the prisons of this world, giving us burdens to bear and offenses to carry. Why? Why would God do this, if He loves us? Here's why: He leads us through fire and water, through the deserts and wilderness of our spiritual journeys to lead us into a place of abundance. He brings us into the open spaces of freedom. Without the fire, we would never recognize the gift of choice, love, and abundance. Lord, I w

Praise & Fear

A paraphrase of Psalm 34 I won't stop bragging about God and what He's doing all the time. Praising him will be my normal conversation. I will boast about God's goodness, even to people who are suffering because it will encourage them. Join me in singing about God's goodness-- He always designs the right futures for us! When I am afraid, I pray to God-- specifically asking Him what His will is and what He wants to do in my life right now. When I am afraid, and there are no answers. My fear always vanishes. I can move forward with courage and purpose, even though I don't know what will happen next. Anyone who depends on God can face hardship and crises without feeling ashamed or depressed. Their faces will be joyful and radiant. I am safe in God's hands. I have called on God many times. He always hears me. He always saves me. He always changes my troubles into blessings. Like an army, God camps out all around me, guarding me from

Prayer against COVID-19 illness

Lord God, You are the God who Heals. You can stop this virus whenever you want. Lord, I don't want to interfere in your larger plan but could you slow down the path of this virus? Would you please in your mercy, protect the old from getting sick? Would you guard the children as they try to do school? Would you give parents grace, patience, and safety from getting sick? Lord, give the medical personnel strength to resist the illness, patience to tend to the sick, and time to recover ? Make this virus die out quickly. Reduce its reach. Let all those who know you rejoice and praise your name. Convict Christians who are being rude, selfish, bigoted, or judgmental to close their mouths and repent before you. Help those who follow you to be shining examples of love and mercy in action. May the whole world feel your love through the actions of your people. We give you praise and honor for your healing power and your relentless pursuit of those who don't k